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Independent Regenerative Agriculture Consultants

Contour Environmental and Agricultural Consulting has positioned itself since its inception in 2016 to be a well regarded, independent, regenerative agriculture consultancy.

Landscapes are at the heart of what we do.

We have a passion for working with land managers to help maximise the productive and ecological capacities of their landscape.

We offer a fully comprehensive service from planning, through implementation, to monitoring and assessment of any and all aspects of landscape management in both the pastoral and agricultural areas of Australia.

Using the latest science and technology, combined with our extensive experience across Australia, we leverage your own knowledge and experience to drive your landscape towards a productive and sustainable future.




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Landscape Management

Landscapes are at the heart of what we do. We have a passion for working with land managers to help maximise the productive and ecological capacities of their landscape.

Carbon Farming

Contour Environmental and Agricultural Consulting can advise on farming practices that reduce emissions plus capture and hold carbon in vegetation and soils.

Regenerative Agriculture

We advise on the establishment or transition to a regenerative system, as well as its ongoing management and improvement.

ESRM Planning

Landscape management in a single holistic plan. Map and document ideas and goals for the management of an area and develop strategies and activities to help them achieve those goals.

GIS & Farm Mapping

High quality and accurate maps make for powerful planning tools.


Our portfolio spans a wide variety of services, sectors and project types. Read some case studies and projects.

What our clients have to say....

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    The planning process allowed us to speak honestly about our grazing and land management, biodiversity protection, pests, rainfall utilisation, property development, forage budgeting and land condition. It allowed us to walk the paddocks of Red Hill, discuss issues around soil health, erosion management and pest control, and come up with a prioritised wish-list of what we would like to see happen here to manage grazing into the next inevitable drought.
    K Stretton
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    The planning process was great. We were able to put our visions and goals we’ve only had in our heads onto paper in a priority order. It was great to be in control of the process, and have the technical support sitting at our kitchen table as we went along. It surprised me how quickly we covered a five-year development plan that should help increase productivity while looking after our soils and grasslands.
    A Marks
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    Thank you for the report, it is amazing and has given us so much information and direction that is specific to our circumstances. We are already putting things into practice since your visit and this document further supports us in implementing strategies.
    Kate G
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    We’re very impressed with the report and really thrilled to have such detail to help with forward planning – thankyou.
    Frances F
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    Wow! What a great experience. We were so lucky to have had rain before Richard’s visit to help identify areas of concern much more easily. Richard really helped us learn more about our landscapes and how to support them further. It was a great planning process and we can’t recommend it highly enough.
    Kate G
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    Richard was extremely knowledgeable on the plants and water run-off management and was able to put it in a practical and manageable way. We knew what we would like to do, but having Richard on property to help work out priority areas and the most cost effective way to go about them was invaluable. We were able to show Richard areas we have been trialling herd impact and it was reassuring to have a professional there to point out why it has improved; not just the volume of feed difference, but the different species and their palatability.
    Francesca F
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    We had great few days with Richard and are very excited to get the final evaluation to begin our projects which includes gully head rehabilitation, ponding banks and contouring. Fingers crossed the rain keeps up to maximise future progress.
    Amey S

We worked on a Landscape Management Plan with Buckleboo Station, see a short video here…or to watch the full video on YouTube click below.

YouTube link - Buckleboo Station

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