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Landscapes are at the heart of what we do.

We have a passion for working with land managers to help maximise the productive and ecological capacities of their landscape.

Below is a selection of case studies reflecting the solutions our team has recently provided.

Our portfolio spans a wide variety of services, sectors and project types.

This showcase lists only case study information that is approved for release by clients. We would be happy to provide further examples of our work where required.

Whole of Station Carbon Assessments
Woodside Energy

Contour Consulting provides carbon assessment services to Woodside including completion of whole of station assessments for prospective HIR carbon projects.

Advice on landscape management practices to achieve the best carbon outcomes and general ecological advice.

Station Planning for HIR Project
Mitsui Corporation

Providing advice and planning services to stations undertaking or looking to undertake HIR carbon projects to maximise the carbon outcomes for their properties, while integrating with current station enterprises.

Land Use Assessment of an Indigenous Owned Area
Aboriginal Land Trust

A resource and land use assessment was completed to determine the capacity and opportunity for different land use enterprises within a large area of Indigenous controlled land.

The assessment used on-ground data complimented by calculated data.

Building Pastoral Sustainability
SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Delivering ESRM plans and best practice landscape management advice to 18 stations in South Australia.

This project linked with a SA based agribusiness planner to provide a complete triple bottom line plan for the participating stations

Desktop Carbon Assessment of a Pastoral Lease
Woodside Energy

Using data sourced and created we provided a first pass assessment of a properties potential under the HIR methodology in terms of carbon sequestration potential and project eligibility to guide further investment decisions.

ESRM Planning and Monitoring
ESRM Planning

Gold Road Resources

Completed a land use assessment and subsequent ESRM plan in conjunction with a cattle financial plan for submission to the PLB.

The approved plan is now being implemented and Contour Environmental and Agricultural Consultanting is establishing the station monitoring system whilst training local indigenous rangers in various aspects of rangelands monitoring and landscape management

Erosion Repair Work on Pilbara Mine Site

Northern Star Resources

Advising, surveying and supervising implementation of erosion control activities on several structures at a Pilbara gold mine.

The works were completed successfully and on budget.

ESRM Planning for ILC Owned WA Stations

Indigenous Lands Corporation

ESRM planning was completed across three ILC owned pastoral leases in the Gascoyne and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

Guidance for station management on best practice grazing management, infrastructure development and erosion control.

Whole of Farm Agronomy

Lake Jannis Produce

Providing agronomic services to a leading large scale regenerative farm in the Southern Forrest region of WA.

We also provide the agronomy service for the farms commercial composting business which supplies compost to local farms.

Soil Analysis for Townsville Meatworks

Douglas Partners

Analysed and reported on soil testing within meatworks holding paddocks in Townsville to meet environmental requirements of the meatworks.

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